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Several of our homes are designed to include flex spaces. These are essentially multi-purpose rooms that can be converted several different ways to accommodate the immediate needs of you and your family.

Here are several options that you can explore when it comes to turning your flex space into a room that both works for your home and serves as a functional space for your family.

1. Home Gym

An option that some homeowners don’t even think about, setting up a small home gym inside a flex space not only saves you money on pricey gym memberships, but you also have the added convenience of creating an active space for your whole family. Yoga, Zumba, Gymboree, the possibilities are endless

2. Play Room/Game Room

Rumpus Room

Consider it an all-purpose room for toddlers and pre-teens. You can include toys for the little ones or a gaming system for the older kids. It’s a great way to get children with wider age gaps interacting in the same, friendly environment.

3. Home Office

Home Office

This is something of a no-brainer. If you are self-employed, or just have the tendency to bring work home every so often, then a home office may be the best option. You should also know that having a functioning home office is tax deductible.

4. Arts and Crafts Area

Arts and Crafts Area

There’s nothing more convenient than having a designated space that helps contain the messes that children tend to make. An arts and crafts room is just the very space for this. Get as creative (and crazy) as you’d like, while keeping paints, inks and more in their proper place.

5.Man Cave

A man cave is sort of the dream of most guys. Images of premium pool tables, custom beer taps, and a 72-inch television fill most of our heads when thinking about traditional man caves. Nowadays, though, man caves have taken on a slightly different definition.

Some man cave designs incorporate spaces for children, too, so dad can catch the game while keeping a sharp eye on the kids, as well.

No matter which idea you end up going with, Crescent Homes makes sure you have the creative license to explore as many options as possible. Ultimately, it’s your space, so be sure to make it as comfortable as possible for you and your family.

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