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Crescent Homes GIVE Quarter 3 Dee Dee Norton

With the holidays around the corner, the season of giving is upon us. Since launching our philanthropy program GIVE in April of this year, Crescent Homes is proud to announce that we have donated a total of $41,750 to ten deserving Charleston organizations.

For every home sale, GIVE donates $250 to a local nonprofit, allowing our homebuyers to choose which organization to support in an effort to spread awareness of these amazing organizations. At the close of each quarter, Crescent Homes CEO Ted Terry hand delivers a check to each recipient.

“It brings me immense joy to see the GIVE program succeeding in our mission to give back to the local community and to meet the people within these organizations that are making Charleston a better place.”

-Ted Terry, Owner & CEO

Crescent Homes GIVE Quarter 3 Palmetto Warrior Connection

In order to expand the mission of GIVE and bring about awareness to as many worthy causes as possible and to encourage involvement amongst our homeowners, Crescent Homes chooses 5 new organizations quarterly to highlight.  In the 3rd quarter, we donated a total of $20,000 to the following local Charleston nonprofits:

Teachers’ Supply Closet: $3,300

The local group benefits Charleston children in need by providing a free resource for their teachers to find school supplies. The group aims to lay a solid foundation for the education of the tri-area’s students.

The Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center: $3,750

Working hard to prevent, halt and offer healing after child abuse of local Charleston children, the foundation offers solace and support for families where abuse may be present, as well as training programs to improve the community response to abuse.

The Green Heart Project: $3,000

Green Heart volunteers work with students to instill valuable lesson while creating and maintaining urban farms, utilizing school gardens to educate and connect.

Palmetto Warrior Connection: $5,000

This non-profit works closely with veterans to provide assistance at every level of transition, from housing and education to employment and mental health.

Lowcountry Food Bank: $4,950

Fighting hunger in the lowcountry through many various programs, the group performs services such as breakfast for school children in need, distributing boxes of food to local seniors and empowering individuals to make healthy choices through nutrition education.

Crescent Homes GIVE Quarter 3 Teachers Supply Closet

“Our hope for the GIVE program is that, by spreading awareness to these incredible causes and involving our homebuyers in the process, we can encourage increased community involvement, leading to positive change and a lasting impact on the Charleston community.”

-Ted Terry, Owner & CEO

Crescent Homes GIVE Quarter 3 Lowcountry Good Bank

As we head into our 4th quarter, we have selected the following recipients to receive donations:

Boy Scouts of America

The 100 year old organization builds character, confidence and knowledge through outdoor adventure, allowing boys to learn and grow in nature by understanding the importance of wildlife preservation, survival skills and teamwork.

Birthdays for All

The local group believes that every child deserves to feel special on their birthday, providing birthday gifts for foster children in the lowcountry.

Meals on Wheels

When cooking becomes too difficult, this organization steps in to provide home-cooked meals and a friendly visit to low-income seniors, allowing them to continue living in their homes.

Charleston Waterkeeper

Protecting and defending the tri-county area’s most valuable asset, our waterways, the group advocates for the right to clean, safe water.

Lowcountry Orphan Relief

The local nonprofit works directly with other groups, schools, foster parents and government agencies to address the needs of local children in severe situations,  providing clothing, toiletries, books and school supplies, contributing libraries to shelters and taking children on outings.

Crescent Homes GIVE Quarter 3 Green Heart Project

The GIVE program continues to support the Crescent Homes mission to always go beyond the standard by spreading awareness, connecting neighbors with local nonprofits and contributing to the betterment of the areas in which we build. As the company expands to new markets, we are dedicated to extending the GIVE program. With our Nashville program successfully underway, we are now looking to Greenville, with the intention of launching GIVE there in 2018.

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