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Crescent Homes in South Carolina

When it comes to new home ownership, no decision is as important as choosing the development you want to live in. From the cost to the location to the construction materials, new homes in Charleston, SC have a lot to offer – especially those built by Crescent Homes.

New Home Benefits When Buying in a Crescent Homes Community

No Need to Worry About Closing Costs – While most real estate transactions include steep closing costs that run into the thousands, buyers that choose to live in a Crescent Homes community will enjoy zero closing costs. This added incentive means you’re getting more for your money right off the bat.

Cost Savings Through Energy Efficiency – Each month those who buy a new home from Crescent Homes will also enjoy an improved cost of living because of lower energy bills. New home builders use the latest technology, tools and materials that offer improved energy efficiency over older homes that haven’t been updated.

For years Crescent Homes has put focus on using eco-friendly designs and building techniques to lower the environmental impact and increase the energy efficiency of their homes. When you buy with Crescent Homes green features like tankless water heaters, low-e windows, efficient duct systems, radiant energy barrier and programmable thermostats aren’t an upgrade, they come standard. Plus all homes are guaranteed to have a HERS rating of 75 or less.

Less Concern Over Future Fixes – Even though inspections are completed before a sale is finalized, they aren’t able to uncover everything. Furthermore, how you use appliances and systems may not be the same way the previous family used them, which can lead to problems. One of the biggest new home benefits is that as the original owner you don’t need to worry about how the home was treated in the past and what fixes may need to be made in the near future. Crescent Homes are designed to minimize maintenance and age well for years to come.

Carefully Selected Neighborhoods That Offer Value and Livability – Crescent Homes doesn’t develop in an area because it’s the most cost effective. While value is a huge consideration, Crescent Homes’ real focus is on creating safe neighborhoods that are conveniently located and blend well with the existing environment. Rather than detract from the natural beauty of Charleston, SC, Crescent Homes use it as inspiration.

As a locally owned company Crescent Homes understands how to find the best locations for new homes in Charleston, SC. Currently there are 12 communities in and around the city to choose from.

Assistance Even After the Close – When you buy resale the previous owners aren’t going to be around to answer questions or take care of concerns. Any issues are now completely on you. New home ownership at a Crescent Homes community comes with the distinct advantage of having home warranty coverage. The Crescent Homes staff is also available to help you anytime you need information or assistance.

With all the amenities and advanced technologies that new home builders provide, it’s no wonder that more families are opting for new homes in Charleston, SC.